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Looking for creative ideas to feature Sam’s Tours in Palau? We have gathered a few ideas for you.

Sam’s Tours is Palau’s premier dive center and organizer of land based activities. The enterprise operates as a full service provider, offering accommodation, transfers, diving, excursions and a great vacation experience to its customers. In its 20 years of existence, Sam’s Tours won numerous awards, notably for customer excellence and quality.

The sharks of Palau

Palau is a year-round place to spot and dive with sharks. Blue Corner is a dive spot which has become famous around the world for shark encounters. The most frequent shark spottings include Gray Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, and Tiger Sharks. But also Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Oceanic White Tips and others are regularly seen in the waters of Palau.

In September 2009, president Johnson Toribiong declared the waters of Palau as the world’s first shark sanctuary, banning commercial shark fishing and providing a safe place for sharks.
All dive guides of Sam’s Tours are experienced and well-trained shark spotters. Divers interested in sharks will get valuable information on sharks and their habitat in Palau.

Did you know? Sam’s Tours has its own basketball team, called ´Sam’s Sharks´.

Palau – A great place for kids

Palauans love children and encourage visitors to bring their kids to Palau. Children enjoy the fun and adventure of Palau’s outdoor activities. Whether it’s a day out in the Rock Islands, snorkelling at the pristine beaches, observing the colourful marine life or simply swimming in the crystal-clear and warm waters or whether it is about watching the birds, bats and baby sharks in the lagoons, kids have a great time, while learning about nature and caring about the environment.

Since 2009, Sam’s Tours is proud to host Kids Sea Camp Palau. Join the kid-friendly dive base for another fun-filled and educational adventure week for the entire family.

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