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Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas is the leading dive center and organizer of water-based activities in the Bahamas. Opened in 1978, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas offers shark diving, wreck diving and various boat trips to the best dive sites of New Providence, including steep vertical walls, shallow tropical reefs and underwater filming sets. Diving operations are complemented by the services of Snorkel Bahamas, SUB Bahamas, Fin Photo and Stuart Cove’s Underwater Productions.

Shark Adventures – Up Close and Personal with Sharks

Quite possibly be the most exciting dives you will ever do. Stuart Cove’s Shark Adventure™ is a 2-tank dive program which introduces you to diving with sharks and provides you a close up look at these magnificent and often misunderstood creatures. There are currently four sites where we dive with the sharks. You will dive either the combination of „Shark Wall“ and „The Arena“ or the combination of „Runway Wall“ and „The Runway“. At either location we encounter a gathering of up to 20 or 30 Caribbean Reef Sharks on a consistent basis. The first dive is a „Free Swim“ with the sharks on a magnificent wall where sharks follow the divers throughout the dive. The second dive is a shark baiting dive. Divers form a semi-circle in front of our professional shark feeder who will place a bait box and utilises this bait box and a pole spear to control the release of the bait and controlling the shark action. Be warned – the sharks will come close – very close – but they are more interested in the bait than you!

Underwater Hollywood – Dive Where the Stars Dive

Stuart Cove’s is known as “Underwater Hollywood” since more films, TV specials and commercials are filmed in and around Nassau than any other place in the world! The first underwater film, „20,000 Leagues Under The Sea“, was shot in Nassau in 1915. Most of the world-famous James Bond movies with underwater scenes were shot in the shallow waters near the dive shop and Stuart Cove assisted the production team. Many dive sites are famous movie sets where divers can experience Hollywood up close and personal!

Dive The Wrecks of Nassau

Over the last three decades, the Stuart Cove team sank more than 20 wrecks in the Bahamas — some as close as five minutes from the dive shop. Whether they were scuttled for movie sets or artificial reefs, most of the wrecks are shallow and carefully placed for optimum exploration. And since it’s the Bahamas, most sit on a bed of white sand, which helps bring out their natural lines, often on the edge of a wall, making for a unique dive experience. Winner of many wreck diving awards, see why Nassau is the natural choice for wreck diving.

Voted #1 for Big Animals in the Caribbean 20 Years in a Row

It’s no wonder the islands of the Bahamas have been voted by SCUBA DIVING magazine for almost 20 years in a row the top dive destination in the Caribbean to experience “Big Animals Encounters.” This is a distinction no other dive destination in our region can boast, and the reasons are many fold. We even have our own grouper named after the capital of the Bahamas: the Nassau Grouper. The Bahamas is proud to also be one of the first countries in the world to ban shark harvesting, creating a habitat for a balanced and healthy marine ecosystem. This attitude towards protectionism is part of why the Bahamas offers an impressive array of oceanic pelagics and reef biodiversity.

Spectacular and Vibrant Reefs & Walls of Nassau

The Southwest side of Nassau hosts a wall that runs along most dive sites, making for spectacular wrecks, reefs and wall dives on almost every dive at Stuart Cove’s.
Walls are found off Nassau starting as shallow at 12 meters, and descending into the tongue of the ocean, a 1,8 kilometer drop off that guarantees big animal action on the dive sites near the dive shop.

Marine Conservation in the Bahamas

Marine conservation is a main topic at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas and the dive center strongly believes that their work is paired with a responsibility to actively protect and restore the marine environment of the Bahamas. For example, Stuart Cove’s participates in a coral nursery project, where broken but live coral fragments are grown until they have a suitable size to be transplanted back to selected coral reefs, so they can continue to grow and contribute to build a healthy marine ecosystem.

Family-Fun for all with Snorkelling, SUBs & SNUBA

Stuart Cove’s offers fun family activities for all ages. Twice daily snorkel departures to three sites are offered, finishing with a unique and exciting shark snorkel experience. For those that want to see more of the underwater world, our one-person SUBs offer an underwater motorcycle-type experience, that’s unique and fun for all ages. Free hotel pickups and drop-offs to and from all Nassau resorts, condos and hotels are included. For those wanting to try scuba diving, SNUBA is a tethered scuba experience for non-divers, offering a shallow dive reef experience.


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