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„The Scents of the Spice Islands” cruises with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

The unique small-scale expeditions tell the fascinating story of the fabled Spice Islands of the Moluccas and reveal the stunning wonders of nature in the eastern Indonesian archipelago.

Munich/Bali, April 13, 2018: SeaTrek’s expert-led cruise programme, featuring recognised explorers, scientists, photographers, chefs and writers, is exclusively available for guests seeking for experiences that go below the surface of the beautiful archipelago.

Spice Islands cruise IndonesiaA travel to the islands of Maluku is a breathtaking travel back in time. For centuries, the original Spice Islands, were the world’s only source of nutmeg, mace and cloves, which were once worth their weight in gold. It was the search for these valuable spices that kick-started European colonialism.

While cruising through the dramatically beautiful, fertile volcanic islands, aboard Seatrek’s 12-cabin pinisi boat “Ombak Putik”, guests will follow the footprints of the colonial history of Indonesia and learn about the archipelago’s important role in international spice trading during the 17th century. Besides visiting historic outposts, colourful island villages and pristine white-sand beaches, there will be plentiful opportunities to swim and snorkel in waters rich in marine life, as well as experiencing the marketplaces and inhaling the fragrant aromas of the spice plantations.

During the 12 days tours, SeaTrek’s experienced tour leaders share their in-depth knowledge of the region, their passion for the diversity of nature and provide extensive insights in the history of the Spice Islands, making the tour a perfect combination of adventure, education and relaxation.

In their quest to provide even deeper, immersive experiences of the historical, cultural and natural worlds of Indonesia, SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is delighted to announce that Dr. Lawrence Blair – writer, film maker, presenter and a renowned authority on culture, geography and zoology of Southeast Asia – will be the prestigious guest-expert aboard “The Scents of the Spice Islands I” cruise from 16th – 27th September 2018. He has spent much of the past 40 years exploring and making films in Indonesia, as well as lecturing throughout the world. Amongst others, he is the writer, presenter and co-producer of the internationally acclaimed BBC series “Ring of Fire”, winner of two Emmy awards and a classic of the genre, which was subsequently aired on TV in 63 nations. Furthermore, he is the author of the companion book “Ring of Fire”, chronicling ten years of adventure filming in Indonesia, which remained in the top-ten non-fiction best-seller list in the UK for ten weeks. Now, Dr. Blair is planning his next five-part TV series documenting a deep submersible exploration of the Indonesian waters. Throughout the cruise, he will be delivering a series of engaging talks on the remarkable islands of eastern Indonesia.

For detailed information and booking options, please visit www.seatrekbali.com/cruises/detail/the-scents-of-the-spice-islands-i-ii/365/itinerary. For an overview on all expert-led cruises by SeaTrek Sailing Adventures, please go to www.seatrekbali.com/expert-led/findacruise/.

Alternatively, you can contact the European representative of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures at seatrekbali [at] tourism-unlimited.com or by phone: +49-89-673 78 619.

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Banda Islands, Spice IslandsTitle: The Spice Islands of Indonesia
Text: The Banda Islands are part of the Spice Islands
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Dr Lawrence Blair
Title: Expert Dr. Lawrence Blair
Text: Dr. Lawrence Blair is leading the cruise. He is an expert on Indonesia.
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