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Palau, the leading sustainability nation of the world, is back at ITB

Palau, known as one of the world’s best diving destination and role model in environmental protection, chose hall 4.1 with the key segments of responsible tourism and adventure travel.

Koror/Munich, January 30th, 2020 – Tommy Remengesau Jr., the President of Palau, declared on January 9 2020 as the “Year of Environmental Action” to protect the pristine environment of the Pacific archipelago. The president said: „We have to live and respect the environment because the environment is the nest of life.“

Palau Rock Islands Milky Way

Located in the western Pacific Ocean in Micronesia’s Caroline Islands, the Republic of Palau consists of over 340 scenically magical islands. Palau may not cover much land, but offers an array of natural wonders above and below water.

Palau established itself as a role model in environmental protection and has proved itself to be forward-thinking enough to take action on preserving its natural assets for the long-term. In 2009, Palau became the world’s first national shark sanctuary which effectively prohibited commercial shark fishing. To further protect the over 1,500 species of fish and some 700 species of corals, Palau designated a 193,000-square-mile fully protected marine reserve in 2015. Starting 2017, Palau was also the first country to have tourists sign the „Palau Pledge,“ a declaration to protect the local environment and culture for future generations. In 2020, Palau once again set an example for the rest of the world by banning reef-damaging sunscreens. 2020 was announced the “year of environmental action“ in an effort to further protect Palau’s pristine nature and culture.

Divers worldwide have long enthused about Palau’s marine life because of its incredible diversity and health. The waters surrounding Palau contain some of the most abundant and varied marine life on the planet.

Through its efforts, Palau is able to reward visitors with incredible natural wonders making it the most diverse and pristine paradise to visit. Divers will forever marvel Palau’s unique marine ecosystem and marine life. In addition to its incredible underwater world, Palau offers exceptional kayak and snorkel opportunities within the world-famous Rock Islands. Culture and history enthusiasts can visit WW II sights and learn about local customs and culture, such as the unique first born ceremony, the traditional bais in which politics were discussed in ancient times and the Yapese stone money which was carved in Palau.

Palau Visitors Authority is looking forward to welcome members of travel trade and media as well as travellers passionate about environmental protection and responsible tourism to visit the pristine paradise of Palau at ITB Berlin in hall 4.1 at booth nr. 250 from March 4-8, 2020.

Palau Visitors Authority has appointed Munich based PR and marketing agency Tourism Unlimited as their communication partner for ITB 2020.
For appointments please contact Judith Hoppe: palau [at] tourism-unlimited.com
For further information on Palau, please visit: www.pristineparadisepalau or follow on social media www.instagram.com/visitpalau or https://www.facebook.com/pristineparadisepalau/
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Palau - Rock Islands - Milky Way

Title: Pristine paradise Palau
Text: Parts of the Rock Islands are UNESCO natural heritage
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