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Sam’s Tours is a privately owned and managed PADI 5-Star IDC dive center, which started its operation in Palau in 1990. The spacious area with its excellent infrastructure is located next to the private yacht club of Palau and is also home of Planet Blue Kayak Tours, a local provider of kayak tours.

Sam’s Tours offers one-of-a-kind diving experiences 365 days a year. The day trips include 2 dives and a lunch break on one of the unspoiled islands of UNESCO heritage Rock Islands. When booking a dive package, the packages comes with a free snorkel stop at legendary Jellyfish Lake and a complimentary third dive on one of the dive days in Chandelier Cave. Can’t get enough of diving? Then you can book a third dive in the late afternoon at one of the dive spots closer to the dive center. Or – after maybe enjoying a hot shower or a Cappuccino at Bottom Time Bar & Grill, located on the dive center grounds – you can grab a fresh bottle and jump straight from the dive center into the water. “Sam’s Macro Wall” is home to a resident colony of the colorful Mandarin fish. This dive is offered free of charge to guests. The friendly staff at the dive center put a great pride into offering an individual and perfect service; just let them know what they can do to make your dive vacation with Sam’s Tours even more perfect!

With “Sam’s Tours Unique Dive Expeditions”, Sam’s Tours offers extraordinary dives for divers who are experienced with currents and night dives. Twice a month, around full moon and new moon, large groups of fish gather for mass spawning. At full moon, there are snapper aggregations and at new moon, bumphead parrot fish get together for their mating rituals. Marine biologists working for Sam’s Tours and conducting their studies in Palau, take a small group of no more than 7 divers on their research trips and are a great source of knowledge about the aggregations.

In the weeks without spawning activity, black water diving, a very unique type of a night dive, is offered. The dive boat is several miles/kilometers away from the reef and about 1,000 meters above the sea bottom. A bar with strong light is tied at a depth of 12 meters under the boat, attracting tiny critters and creatures from the depth, such as baby pufferfish, luminescent jellyfish, invertebrates and many more, that. A photographer’s dream.

On dive days and for all land tours, Sam’s Tours provides guests with complimentary round-trip hotel transfers.

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