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Sam’s Tours Palau celebrates 25th anniversary with super lottery at boot show in Germany

Many grand prizes to win while supporting Shark Angels Organization

Koror/Munich, December 04, 2015 – Every day throughout the show, visitors can buy lottery tickets and instantly win prizes, including dive vacations in Palau, scuba gear from SCUBAPRO, jewellery from Neptunic, artwork from various artists, and much more.

Win with Sam's Tours Palau a MK25 Scubapro
In October 2015, Sam’s Tours Palau marked its 25th year of incorporation. In order to celebrate the silver jubilee, the multi-awarded dive centre will offer lottery tickets to visitors in exchange for a donation. Among the sponsors are SCUBAPRO, Neptunic, Photographer Nancy Abramson, Palau Royal Resort, Palau Central Hotel and of course Sam’s Tours itself.

Grand prizes are waiting for the lucky winners, such as:

  • Vouchers for 7 nights at selected hotels and resorts along with 5 days of diving with Sam’s Tours
  • 2 x Mantis 1 Dive Computers from SCUBAPRO
  • 4 x MK25 /S 600 Deep Blue Titanium Regulators from SCUBAPRO
  • Dive gear products from Subgear
  • Jewellery from Neptunic made from shark protection suits
  • Artwork from renowned photographers
  • and so much more

Shark-Angels-LogoThe proceeds from the lottery will be donated at the end of the show to Shark Angels. Shark Angels, a non-profit organization, is leading a worldwide movement to save sharks by inspiring others to take action. They are drawing attention to the fact that some shark populations have declined by 90% and up to 73 million sharks are killed each year. Operating in Palau, the world’s first shark sanctuary, Sam’s Tours is strongly committed to the protection of this apex predator.

The lottery tickets can be purchased at the booth of Sam’s Tours in hall 3, E 74.

For further information, please contact the European representative of Sam’s Tours at samstours [at] tourism-unlimited.com or by phone: +49-89-673 78 619
For more information on Sam’s Tours, please visit:

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Lottery boot show Sam's Tours Palau
Title: SCUBAPRO MK25/S600 Deep Blue Titanium regulator
Text: The air balanced S600 DEEP BLUE TITANIUM CORE is a special second stage. It features an interior titanium barrel for lightweight performance and additional corrosion resistance.
Image credit: © SCUBAPRO

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Win a Mantis Dive computer from Scubapro
Title: SCUBAPRO Mantis 1 Dive Computer
Text: The Mantis 1 is the world’s first wristwatch-style „smart“ personal dive computer with Human Factor Diving (TM)
Image credit: © SCUBAPRO

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Title: Logo Shark Angels
Text: The non-profit organization Shark Angels is protecting sharks worldwide


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