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Discovering Palau off the beaten paths with Sam’s Tours

Palau’s premier dive center is introducing new exciting adventures to be discovered

Koror/Munich, January 17, 2015 – High from above, deep from below and right across the Rock Islands: Palau still has many hidden treasures to be discovered.

Helicopter Palau
Even though Palau is not a mass travel destination, many of its dive sites and land excursions are more than well known among divers and nature lovers. That’s why Sam’s Tours strives to continuously excite its guests with great new adventures.

Unique Dive Expeditions, the Sam’s Tours team that started dives centered around Palau’s natural spawning events of red snappers and bumphead parrotfish, and introduced black water diving to Palau, has been researching potential new dive sites in the northern parts of the archipelago. Some of these sites provide excellent opportunities for exploration and will soon be available for the exclusive, small groups joining Unique Dive Expeditions. Guests will be able to join marine biologists researching and identifying the mysteries of Palau’s underwater world.

The natural beauty of of Palau’s famed Rock Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage site, reveals itself best from above. Perfect aerial views are available via helicopter and now also possible by parasailing, a new activity to Palau. The leisurely ride, 240 meters above the water, provides a safe and fun experience and runs several schedules per day.

The views from above will surely make one want to explore the beauty of the islands above the water. Sam’s Tours recently launched hiking tours designed to take archeology fans and bird lovers on a fascinating exploration tour on Ulong Island and Ngeruktabel Island. Early Palauan settlements nestled in the lush, green thicket of the rainforest and endemic birds like the Palauan Fruit Dove are waiting to be discovered.

For divers, who are so fascinated with the underwater world of Palau and would like to turn their hobby into a profession, there are more good news: Sam’s Tours is now a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, offering a full range of training from Open Water Certification to PADI instructor-level training.

Marc Bauman, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sam’s Tours, says: “We have many loyal customers who keep visiting Palau again and again. After a while, they start asking for new things to discover. So we are extremely pleased that we can surprise our guests regularly with new, exciting adventures. We are currently working on the event schedule starting in October this year to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Sam’s Tours. So stay tuned…”

For further information, please contact the European representative of Sam’s Tours at samstours [at] tourism-unlimited.com or by phone: +49-89-673 78 619
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Hubschraubertour Palau

Title: Helicopter Tour Palau
Text: Discover new perspectives on the famous Rock Islands
Image credit: © Judith Hoppe


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Parasailing Palau

Title: Parasailing in Palau
Text: Up in the air with parasailing
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Title: Unique Dive Expeditions
Text: Spawning of bumphead parrotfish
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