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Become an expert for Blue Corner Palau with PADI and Sam’s Tours

Renowned marine biologist Ron Leidich designed the PADI specialty course

Koror/Dusseldorf, January 21, 2012 – Blue Corner in Palau is probably the most famous dive site in Palau and regularly ranked among the top 10 dive sites in the world.

Blue Corner PalauWith its healthy, resident population of grey reef sharks and black and white tip reef sharks, Blue Corner is high on the wish list of every diver interested in sharks. But not only the top apex predator makes diving here so spectacular. The vertical reef wall, that drops down to 1,000 feet/330 metres, brings rich nutrients from the bottom of the Mariana trench, attracting barracudas, snappers, jacks, eagle rays, turtles, wrasses. All these species and much more can be seen in one single dive while drifting in a brisk current. With the PADI specialty course, divers can now appreciate even better this unique and prime dive spot.

Sam’s Tours staff biologist Ron Leidich has created the PADI Palau Blue Corner Diver Specialty especially for Sam’s Tours customers to teach divers why Blue Corner is such a consistently phenomenal dive. This PADI Distinctive Specialty will enhance a divers knowledge about this incredible dive site. The course consists of approximately two hours of informative lecture, and two dives at the Blue Corner.

The course topics covered include:

  • Geology
  • Aquatic Life
  • Understanding of Blue Corner’s currents
  • Food chains
  • Primary predators
  • Secondary predators
  • Species interaction
  • Corals

The two required dives are incorporated in a standard 2-tank dive day with Sam’s Tours.

Marc Bauman, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sam’s Tours Palau, comments: “The majority of our guests would love to dive at Blue Corner virtually every day – it is such a spectular dive. I cannot recall a single day over the last 12 months where a group returning from a Blue Corner dive did not have any shark encounter. With the PADI specialty, we cater to the ‘Blue Corner addicts’ and add another level of quality to their dive experience at this unique dive spot.”

For more information on the Blue Corner Palau specialty course offered by Sam’s Tours, please visit:

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Blue Corner Palau Title: Reef sharks at Blue Corner Palau
Text: Blue Corner in Palau is a renowned dive site for shark encounters
Image credit: © Christoph Hoppe

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